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Welcome to the Remote Learning Platform!!

We, the teachers of St. Frances of Rome, are dedicated to continuing to provide your scholar with a rigorous academic curriculum. Lean into the Lord and receive the gift of this extra family time in this season. We are all in this together. The following learning expectations are recommended for optimum success.


Student Expectations:

  1. Make sure you are submitting high-quality work that is evident in learning and effort.

  2. Working during school hours is recommended so that you may contact your teachers for assistance; it is important that you attend Zoom meetings.

  3. Use technology and online platforms appropriately.

  4. Be mindful of all assignment deadlines; submit assignments on Google Classroom to show that your work is completed.

  5. Read every day and complete your reading log. AR will be open to all students M-F 8 - 3 pm.

May God bless you always.

Your teacher, Mrs. Armas


Accelerated Reading:

Scholars have access to AR

M-F from 8 am -3 pm.

St. Frances of Rome

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to

personal excellence.

~ Confucius


Team 2020 - Remote Learning Platform


U.S. History: MrRoughton.com

Social Studies: PHSCHOOL - code: mya-102



Scholastic Scope - code SFR123 

Word Gen - Serp Media - series 3 words




Sadlier Connect


We are apart but we are "ONE".
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We are a family!

Jesus is guiding our lives, let us continue to trust in Him. He will straighten our paths.

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Flocabulary - Test-Taking Vocabulary

Flocabulary - Five Things (Elements of a Short Story)


Flocabulary - Figurative Language

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Prefixes Rap - Flocabulary


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Faithful Catholic 

Aware Citizen Innovative Student

Thinking Person

Honors Life


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5 Steps for Learning Grammar

Use Your Powers to EMPOWER Others!

The Seven Wonders

of the World

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We have the spirit, we're SFR,

We're #1, we all do our part,

As we grow in faith together,

we are a family.

Who are we? SFR. Lancers, #1.


We have the spirit, we're SFR,

We're #1, we all do our part,

As we grow in faith together,

we are a family.

States and Capitals

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